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General Info:Fixed Discharge Pattern
Low Noise High Velocity Discharge
Long Throw Applications
Suitable for Heating & Cooling Applications
Rectangular Exposed Duct, Plenum, Ceiling or Wall Applications

Sizes:8" 10" 12" 14" 16" 20"

Construction:Heavy Gauge Aluminum

Standard Finish:#52 White Powder Coat

Optional Standard Finishes#00 Mill
#12 Anodized Powder Coat
#42 Gloss Black Powder Coat
#43 Flat Black Powder Coat
#62 Grey Primer Powder Coat
#72 Silver Metallic Powder Coat
* Custom Colors Available *



High Velocity Nozzle (HVN) Air Distribution products by AirConcepts are ideal for those applications requiring a concentrated column of air. By providing accurate directional control of the air flow, localized air movement is increased in poorly conditioned zones or dead air spaces - improving working conditions for personnel, equipment and industrial processes. The high velocity air flow and long distance projection capability save duct work and accomplish ventilation of hard to reach areas. High Velocity Nozzle (HVN) Air Distribution products by AirConcepts have been utilized in industrial, institutional, and commercial projects around the world.

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