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General Info: Directional Air Pattern Control
+/- 40 Degree Deflection
360 Degree Rotation
Easy Finger Tip Adjustment
Sizes:6" - 12"x4" Drum Louver
8" - 12"x6" Drum Louver
10" - 14"x8" Drum Louver
12" - 20"x8" Drum Louver

Construction:Heavy Gauge Aluminum - Drum Louver
Heavy Gauge Steel - Turret

Standard Finish:#72 Silver Metallic Powder Coat

Optional Standard Finishes #12 Anodized Powder Coat 
#42 Gloss Black Powder Coat
#43 Flat Black Powder Coat
#52 White Powder Coat
#62 Grey Primer Powder Coat 
* Custom Colors Available *


AirConcepts is excited to introduce the new Model TDL-Turret Drum Louver, a Drum Louver with a turret swivel design to be installed directly on the end of spiral pipe. Directional control adjustable through a 360-degree range of motion using a "ring in ring" turret-style rotation. Air volume control adjustable with the locking quadrant damper. Ease of adjustability without the need of special tools. Made of a heavy gauge aluminum the drum rotates an amazing +/- 40 degrees. The blades pivot from the front and are spaced two inches apart providing additional directional control of the air stream with a clean architectural look.

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