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General Info:Long Throws & Adjustable Air Patterns
+/- 45 Degree Deflection
+/- 30 Degree Rotation
Easy Finger Tip Adjustment

Sizes: 9"x6" 12"x6" 18"x6" 24"x6 30"x6" 48"x6" 60"x6"

20"x10" 25"x10" 30x10" 35"x10" 40"x10" 50"x10" 60"x10" 70"x10"

20"x12" 30"x12" 40"x12" 50"x12" 60"x12" 70"x12"

15"x15" 20"x15" 25"x15" 30"x15" 40"x15" 50"x15" 60"x15" 70"x15"

Construction:Stainless Steel
Foam Gasket


Stainless Steel Drum Louvers (DL-SS) by AirConcepts are manufactured to survive in the demanding environment of the factory floor and have a long history of superior performance and lasting durability. Model DL-SS is ideal where long throws and the durability of stainless steel is required.The drum rotates +/- 30 degrees while the louvers pivot about the rear of the blade to provide additional directional control of the air stream.

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